I don't really yell all that much.  I think when I do yell, it's usually at inanimate objects that won't cooperate.

A new study reveals that we tend you yell at our spouses the most. It's not so much that we're always at odds with each other, it's just that we are always with our spouses. It's all about close proximity and volume.

A new survey asked people who they've yelled at in the past five years.  Here's the top 10.

1.  Significant other, 31%.

2.  Friends, 22%.

3.  Coworkers, 17%.

4.  Neighbors, 16%.

5.  Your mother, 14%.

6.  Your children, 14%.

7.  Other drivers, 9%.

8.  Someone in line, 8%.

9.  Your father, 8%. (I wonder why more of us yell at our moms than our dads? That just doesn't seem right.)

10.  A total stranger, 7%.