Maybe healthy eating is the last thing you want to think about as we head into the holidays.  But if you exercise, eat healthy, and still gain weight, it might be that even though you think you're eating healthy, you're not.  Here's a list from a celebrity trainer of ten seemingly healthy foods you should stay away from.

#1.)  Granola. Even if it says something like "organic," "harvest," or "natural" on the box, almost all granolas are fattening.  One small serving can have 420 calories, 10 grams of fat, and 26 grams of sugar.

#2.)  Pretzels. They're healthier than CHIPS, but that doesn't mean they're "HEALTHY."  A three-ounce serving has about 320 calories and over 1,700 milligrams of sodium.

As long as you don't smother it with butter and salt, popcorn is better.

#3.)  Couscous. Some people think it's a grain.  And grains are good.  But couscous is actually a pasta.  So you're basically eating spaghetti.

#4.)  Tuna Salad. In general, fish is good for you.  But mayonnaise obviously isn't.  And a four-ounce serving of tuna salad has about 10 grams of fat and over 200 calories.

(--Try THIS as an alternative:  Chunk light tuna mixed with herbs, lemon juice, and yogurt.  In other words, something that tastes NOTHING like tuna salad.)

#5.)  Brown Sugar. When something's brown instead of white, it's usually better for you.  But brown sugar is only brown because it has molasses in it.

Honey is the better choice

#6.)  Canned Fruit. He says to avoid ALL canned fruit, because it's the least healthy way to eat it.  It lacks nutrients, has added sugar, and less fiber.

Fresh fruit is much better for you.  And if you eat fruits with a skin, (like apples, peaches and pears) leave the skin on.  That's the healthy part.

#7.)  Bran Muffins. They're full of sugar, and most have over 400 calories and 20 grams of fat.  Then if you put butter on it, it's even worse.

#8.)  Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter. Most popular brands of peanut butter are made with the same type of sugar they use in cake frosting.  And when they take out the fat, they just add more sugar to compensate.

#9.)  Fruit-Flavored Yogurt. Non-fat Greek yogurt is good.  But most of the stuff they sell at the grocery store has a ton of added sugar, and around 80 calories from fat per serving.

#10.)  Turkey Bacon. Pretty much ANY kind of bacon or sausage is bad for you, because it's filled with fat, salt, and nitrates.  Even if it's made of turkey.  In fact, Canadian bacon is leaner than most turkey bacon is.