It was great to see the excitement and participation in our Teacher of the Year award.

You picked.  You voted.  All of the finalists from our Teacher of Year award had the backing of their friends, family, community and students.

In the end, Mr. Burton from Jerome High School ended up with the most votes.

It's nice to see a teaher like Mr. Burton, who is liked and respected by his students.  Here are just some of his nomination comments.

He has been a huge influence on the lives of the kids at Jerome High School. He is so dedicated to them and what he does and wants them to excel and reach their goals and dreams and doesn't stop until he helps them do just that. He puts so much time and effort into what he does and you can

tell that he cares about his kids and they care for him. They wouldn't be able to do what they do without him.

Mr. Burton has helped me throughout my high school career. He is inspirational and a great role model. He has lead our speech team though 13 years of a state championship. Not only that but he has supported me to become a great public speaker, this in turn has opened many doors for me. Mr. Burton is a role model and a great inspiration.


Thanks to everyone who voted and we hope that Mr. Burton enjoyes his summer and his new iPad.  A $500 donartion will also be given to the Jerome High School, this fall.