CSI’s Thriller
The College of Southern Idaho's dance students will be performing their annual stage production, "Thriller" next week.
Are Zombie Costumes Considered Family Friendly Costumes?
Zombie costumes seem to be the new vampire or Frankenstein costumes. Zombies come in all different forms: cheerleader zombies, zombie hunters, sleepover zombies, etc. At this point, zombies are just part of Halloween.
Halloween has never just been pumpkins and witches, there has always been a gory si…
Couple Documents Zombie Attack on Facebook
Some women show affection on their boyfriends' Facebook profiles. This one showed her beau that she wanted to eat his brains. In an elaborate saga played out over Facebook posts, a young woman named Diane feigned a bite from the undead, turning her into a brain-hungry, bleary-eyed zombie, after her …