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Twin Falls Woman Will Ride Zip Line for her 101st Birthday
You've probably seen Dorothy Custer.  Last year, she turned 100 years old and was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
That's a pretty hard act to follow.  So what do you think Dorothy has planned for her 101st birthday?  Well to ride the zip line in the canyon, of cours…
Zip Lining Across The Canyon Could Cure Your Fear of Heights
Everyone is talking about Dorothy zip lining across the canyon for 101th Birthday. She seems to have no fear, which is admirable. I think most of us have a fear of something. Rather we are afraid of spiders, heights or our credit card bills we are all fearful of something.
Snake River Zip Line Challenged
In late December the Twin Falls City Planning and Zoning Commission granted a special use permit to Magic Valley Flight Simulation to construct a zip-line in the Snake River.  The vote to grant the permit was 7 to 1.  That decision is now being appealed by a resident near the affected area…