The Three Biggest Things That Make Coworkers Hate Each Other
Are your co-workers driving you crazy, or are you driving your co-workers crazy? We've got the results of a survey from Daily Mail on the three biggest things that make coworkers hate each other, and interestingly enough, they're barely even related to work.
What Will Disappear From Offices in the Next Five Years?
LinkedIn just released the results of a survey on what people think will disappear from offices within the next five years.
And if people are right, offices in 2017 are going to have really modern technology, and a lot of people wearing jeans in giant rooms with absolutely no privacy. Here are the t…
Is It A Bad Idea To Hire A Friend? [POLL]
I have a lot of friends who have their own business's and I think it is important to support them. That being said, I am pretty sure someone older and wiser once told me to never hire my friends because it will always turn out badly.
Would You Confront a Co-Worker Who Plays “Hookey?” [POLL]
I saw a co-worker who had taken a sick day out shopping with a full cart of groceries.  I have to admit, I was a little cranked that someone who called in "sick" was well enough to be strolling through Walmart and debating whether or not to get "chunky" or &a…