Three Signs You Hate Your Job
Waking up Monday morning isn't easy on a good day . . . Experts say it's even worse when you hate your job and they say there's a chance you hate your job but don't even know it. If for some reason, you're not sure, here are three signs you hate your job.
Five Times That It’s Okay to Lie to Your Boss
I think it's safe to say that when it comes to your standing at the office, you should never lie to your boss.  But according to the author of a book called "Business Without the ", here are five situations where lying to your boss is actually a good idea.
Do You Despise Yard Work? [POLL]
It's yard work season! Some yards are easy to care for, if you were smart and put in weed mat and rock, other yards can consume your entire weekend. Flower beds always seem like a great idea, until you have more weeds than bushes or flowers.
What Would You Do if You Had an Extra Hour in the Day?
What would you do if you had an extra hour each day?  A recent survey asked that question, and each person was allowed to choose two things.  Here are the top 12 responses.  What would you pick?  And what the heck is wrong with the 3% who said they'd work more?
Dads Do Over $24,000 Worth Of Home Repairs Each Year
Sunday was Father's Day and for the most part it is easy to find something about your dad to appreciate. But if you found it hard, maybe this will help you appreciate him more next year. Dads do over $24,000 worth of home repairs each year.
Do You Listen To Music At Work?
Imagine your life without music. Now imagine your favorite movie without its soundtrack. Basically the same thing! You need music in your like to help the day pass by, make you feel happy, sad, and to distract you from boring things you have to do at work. Do you listen to music at work?
Should Your Company Make Everyone’s Salary Public Knowledge?
There's NO bigger secret at work than how much money everyone makes. A small but growing number of companies around the U.S. are breaking that taboo . . . and making everyone's salary public knowledge.  WHY?  Here are the top three reasons.
1.  Trust.  When there's full transparency, no one can SUSPE…
Most Popular Ways to Waste Time at Work
It's Friday, so why not talk about the ways we will waste time at work today. According to Payscale here are the top 10 most popular ways we waste time at work .
1.  Socializing.  14% of people say this is their number one time waster.
2.  Social networking.  77% of people with Facebook check it at wo…
39% of Companies Make People Work on Labor Day
A lot of us are looking forward to a long weekend and some us are depressed because this Monday is like every other's a work day. According to a new survey from PR Newswire , 39% of businesses will be making at least some of their employees work this Monday.  And with companies…
Do You Want Treadmills in Your Office?
Traditional work hours are changing and so are traditional working environments. Some cooperate office offer gym memberships others are working gyms, grocery stores and even laundry facility's into work spaces.

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