Is It OK For Women to Wear Jeans and a T-shirt to a Wedding? [POLL]
Don't get me wrong...I don't think you need to dress up everywhere you go. I just think the way you dress shows a level of respect. You wouldn't want your banker to be wearing pajama pants and you wouldn't show up to a funeral in jeans and a t-shirt so why in the world would you show up to a wedding…
Potluck Wedding…Tacky or Classy? [POLL]
My family add I are attending a wedding today and we were told it was going to be potluck style. I have never been to a potluck wedding, but I thought it was a creative idea to save money. Plus you know the food is going to be a good because your family made it.
Kate Upton Models Bridal Bikini [VIDEO]
Beach Bunny Swimwear has just launched what they are calling its first-ever bridal swimwear collection.
While that may sound like a joke, a video featuring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue bombshell Kate Upton modeling the frilly swimwear appears to be serious.
Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress At Costco?
When you're shopping for a wedding dress, there's about to be a new option . . . one far, far away from the overpriced boutique bridal shops.  In fact, this one's set up at the same place you buy 96 packs of soap and giant tubs of mayonnaise. 
Costco is getting into the wedding dress game.
 Costco jus…
Who Should You Marry, Based On Your Birth Order

There's a new book out called "Birth Order:  What Your Position In the Family Really Tells You About Your Character".  And it lays out the most compatible people for you to date, based on their birth order.  Check this out
First-born with last-born works. Oldest siblings are more likely to…
Shania Twain Wedding Photos
We're finally getting a first look at the photos from Shania Twain‘s romantic, sunset wedding on New Year's Day, as she's just posted them on her official site. Twain, 45, married Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud (pronounced "tee-bow"), 40, on Saturday in Ri…