Finally a Website That Is Going To Make Me Smarter
I was killing some brain cells last night by watching Storage Wars with my husband and I saw a TV commercial that apparently improves your brain. Basically you go to a website that offers activities that improve your brain. It's like PBS kids or starfalls for adults...
Finally, There’s a Way To Get Rid Of Your Ex’s Stuff
Garage sales are always a great way to get rid of  a lot of stuff. So is Craigslist, but if you want to sell stuff in the winter and you want people to know why you are getting rid of it. There is a new website where you can sell your ex's stuff they left behind.
I’m Addicted [POLL]
Lately I have been staying up way past my bed time because of a new addiction. As humans we can become addicted to many different things: cigarettes, The McRib, gambleing, etc. Some things can completely take over your life. I'm not there yet, but I think it is only a matter of time...
Test Your Knowledge, Earn EZ Bucks
So, you think you know Prove it. We've created 10 trivia questions about recent stories featured here and each one is worth 2,000 EZ Bucks... but it's a one shot deal. You only get one guess.
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