Winter Storm in The Magic Valley
It was difficult for any Magic Valley resident to sleep last night. Winds gusted up to 40 miles an hour, snow began to swirl and cover the roads just enough to make them a sheet of ice!
Snow at Pomerelle Mountain
The cold weather is upon us. While me might not like putting away our flip flops and shorts we are excited to dust off our snowboards and skis.
Tips For Allergy Relief
Every year when farmers begin to harvest grain, I begin to sneeze. It is part of living in Southern Idaho.
If harvest season is bothering you, check out these tips:
What Are Your Odds of Being Struck By Lightning in Twin Falls?
So you say lightning scares you?  Then Twin Falls, Idaho is the place for you.  Google Maps has a little known feature that can display the amount of "county-level lightning hazard data" and it turns out, we don't see much (if any) in the greater Twin Falls area...
Safety Tips For Warmer Temperatures
Temperatures heated up very quickly over the weekend. As temperatures rise there are a few things we all need to remember. Here are some quick safety tips to remember for Idaho's hot summer months:
Winter Storm Headed To Twin Falls
Sometimes in southern Idaho we see snow in August, and sometimes we don't see snow until January. It looks like November 1st or 2nd could be the magically date for snow in the Magic Valley for 2014.
So throw your flowers away and grab your snow shovels. Winter is coming!
Do You Despise Yard Work? [POLL]
It's yard work season! Some yards are easy to care for, if you were smart and put in weed mat and rock, other yards can consume your entire weekend. Flower beds always seem like a great idea, until you have more weeds than bushes or flowers.
Amazing Time-Lapse Superstorm Formation
Here's the stunning time-lapse off a superstorm formation captured in Wyoming that I talked about on the Morning Show today.  There's not much else to say about it.  Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

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