Southern Idaho South Hills In The Fall
Fall in Idaho is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Cooler temperatures make you want to be outside again. The trees start turning from green to red, orange and yellow. It's a gorgeous time of year.
Crazy Twin Falls Storm Caught On Video
Holy crap! As soon as we think it's summer...Idaho weather shows us who's boss. Did it hail at your house?
What will tomorrow's weather bring?
(video credit Maria Grata)
Top 5 Things To Do In Twin Falls When It’s Almost 80
You might want to call in sick today. With temperatures reaching almost 80, nobody needs to work. After you explain this to your boss check out our list of the top 5 things to do in the Magic Valley when it's almost 80 degrees outside.
Sliding Off Idaho Roads
Yesterday morning southern Idaho roads were a skating rink. We received at least a dozen reports of slides offs, rear-ends and accidents in Twin Falls.
Snowy Roads in Idaho
We've been waking up to snowy conditions in Twin Falls a lot in the last 8 weeks. By this time I should be used to driving in the snow. Every snow storm should make me more comfortable driving in white out conditions but it doesn't!

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