Life is a Gift: Nicky’s Story – St. Jude [VIDEO]
Nicky's childhood was interrupted when a trip to the eye doctor revealed devastating news: a brain tumor. However, Nicky never loses sight of his sense of humor or purpose as he courageously battles cancer. His unique insights into life reveal just how wise he is beyond his years...
The Best of Dogs Eating Peanut Butter
Among the list of things we love most in this world, dogs and peanut butter rank toward the top. When the two are combined, it’s impossible not to think we have died and gone to doggy heaven. Think about it: if humans can’t get a grip on avoiding the whole peanut-butter-stuck-on-the-roof-of-our-mout…
Magic Mike [Video and Poll]
Every time I turn around there is a group of ladies talking about Magic Mike. I am not sure if the big draw is Mathew McConaughey or Magic Mike himself, who is played by Channing Tatum.
Father Jumps Out Of Speeding Car To Save Daughter [Video]
This dramatic video of a father jumping out of a speeding car to save his daughter started making rounds yesterday. I first spotted it on Gizmodo. Apparently the little girl somehow managed to get into the front seat of the vehicle, unlock the door, and jump out into traffic. Her father somehow mana…
Planes Trying To Land In 60 MPH Winds
I dislike flying. On my journey to Atlantic City and back I had to take six separate flights. One was actually delayed in Atlanta due to a severe storm in Philadelphia. Now I see this video and think how safe my flights actually were.
Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Child Like a Bird (Video)
If you have ever heard Alicia Silverstone talk about the environment you know that she is very passionate, but nobody would have thought she would feed her child like a bird, even though she named her son Bear. The video makes Alicia seem completely crazy...

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