Amazing Video of Kid Learning He’s a Big Brother
Watch this amazing video of this kid, Logan, learning that he is about to become a big brother. His reaction is amazing!
He's asked by his parents to read a script for the first time for a home video. He reads about their planned vacation in Myrtle Beach and then reads the big news:
…And a…
Go-Pro Camera Captures a Birds-Eye View of a Pelican Learning To Fly
This is another reason why I love technology so much.  How often to we get to witness, first-hand, a pelican learning to fly.  A crew in  Mahale in Tanzania rescued a pelican who was abandoned by its parents following a storm.
The attached a  GoPro camera to its beak and docu…
Telekinesis Prank in a Coffee Shop Freaks Customers [Video]
What would you do if you saw an individual with telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind, freak out and started causing havoc? Well, since the remake of Stephen King's 'Carrie' hits theaters this month, an experimental prank was made to see how people would act…

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