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Are Homemade Valentines a Bad Idea? [POLL]
I love helping my son with his Valentines every year. In the past I have taken my son to the store a few days before Valentines to pick out the traditional card and candy in a bag. This year I got the brilliant idea to put Pinterst to good use and actually make something. This was a bad idea!
60% of Americans Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentines Day, that is if you celebrate it. Are you gonna celebrate by eating some cookies and candy or do you hate Valentines?  According to Orlando Sentinel after all the hype, only 60% of Americans plan on celebrating Valentine's Day.  For comparison, 93% celebrate Christmas…
10 Cute Dogs Saying ‘I Love You’
There are few things we love more than dogs. Think about it-- they look awfully cute in tutus, sport hoodies like champs and even pull off the whole eyebrow look with ease. Our love for dogs is so strong, in fact, that it's sort of like Honey Boo Boo's passion for Go Go Juice and…
Do You Hate Valentines Day? [POLL]
Valentines Day is creeping up on us. Run now!
I think that Valentines Day is a Hallmark Holiday and it falls at a terrible time of year. It’s seven weeks after Christmas, so most of us are still broke and have just given presents to everyone we love.
Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Twin Falls
Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and even if your significant other says it isn't important to her, it is. Guys, this is a make-or-break holiday. It's imperative you get this right. To help you out--because we've all been there--here are our top five Valentine's Day da…
“Darling” and Nine Other Popular Pet Names
A new survey has figured out the most popular pet names couples use for each other.  Preferably behind closed doors, so your friends don’t taunt you.
 Here goes ...
#1.)  Darling.
#2.)  Babe/Baby.
#3.)  Love.

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