Where Do You Want To Go On Vacation? [POLL]
It is freezing outside and you don't have to read many Facebook posts to figure out that everyone is tired of the cold weather. I think we are all thinking of sunshine, warm temperatures, flip flops and shorts. It doesn't take to many mornings of bundling up your kids, your husband and you…
Three Reasons Why You Should Go to Lagoon in Salt Lake in September
I think my family and I have been to Lagoon almost every year for the last thirteen years.  We usually go in July or August and we have a great time.  I know it's not quite as large as Disney, Universal or one of the other major theme parks but they have some pretty great rides and it's close to hom…
Man Rescues Three People While on Vacation
Like most tourists in Florida, Gus Hertz was probably just hoping for some relaxing time in the sun. Instead, the Virginia man became a hero after rescuing three people in two separate incidents over a two day period. Well, that puts us to shame. The most we ever managed on vacation is a mean case o…
How Long Would You Go On Vacation Without Your Kids? [POLL]
My husband and I were planning a seven day rafting trip and just recently decied to cancel our trip because we didn't want to leave our children for that long. I have been told by other parents that the only reason I feel this way is because my kids are little...
Should Doctors Be Able to Prescribe Vacations?
Should doctors be able to prescribe VACATIONS?  We don't know if it's a realistic possibility, but it would be good for the country in two ways.  One, doctors would prescribe us fewer mind-controlling pills, and two, we'd actually be FORCED to relax.
How Long is too Long For a Family Vacation? [POLL]
Some friends of our just got back from an amazing vacation. They had a great time but they both admitted that they were gone way to long to the point were everyone wanted to kill each other the last few days. This was not a good way to wrap up their vacation.

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