The Best Hotel in Every State
If you are planning on traveling this summer and would like to stay in an amazing hotel. Check out this list, put together by, of the nicest hotels in each state.
What’s the #1 Thing a Family MUST Do at Disneyland?
My family and I are gearing up to leave on the ultimate cheesy traditional family vacation. Before we leave I am trying to gather as much information from families that have already taken this vacation. I want to make sure we don't miss anything while we are at Disneyland!
How Do You Plan A Perfect Road Trip?
Thanks to my kids - we all know that it is not exactly enjoyable or relaxing traveling with kids. But that doesn't mean you can't try to make it nice. But it is summertime and you are probably planning some fun trip in the next few weeks, so how do you plan a perfect road trip?
Women Spend Over $300 on Vacation Before They Go on Vacation
This might prove that women are a little crazy or we are just really good at planning ahead. My husband never understands why I need to go shopping before we go on vacation and while we are on vacation. According to a new survey from Daily Mail, the average woman spends about $380 on new clothes to …

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