Twin Falls County Fair

Model Railroading at Twin Falls County Fair
Before Internet, video games and cable TV there was something known as model railroading.  When I was a boy, it was requisite you had a set in your house.  Dad got us started.  He had big and heavy metal train cars and engines.  By the time I was a teenager, plastic had become th…
Tips to Winning the Midway Games at the Twin Falls County Fair
There are games at the fair and some are easier to win than others. Check out these tips on what games have the best odds and how to beat them.
Among other things, one of the best tips you'll see in these videos is that you should ask the person running the game to demonstrate how the game works…
New Food at The Twin Falls County Fair
It goes without saying that children love the rides at the county fair, and the adults love the FOOD! But, have you tried all the food at the fair? Maybe you are missing out on some of the best fair food and didn't even know it.
At What Age Do You Let Your Kids Go to the Fair Alone?
If you know me, you probably know that I tend to lean towards the overly cautious side.  I don't know if it's because I watch too much TV or it's because of the time I lost my parents at the grocery store for a full five minutes when I was seven. Bottom line:  I worry when I…
What’s Your Million Dollar Fair Food?
County Fairs have been in full swing in the Magic Valley for the past month. The Gooding County Fair begins this week and the Twin Falls County Fair starts September 2nd. If you are like me, you no longer look forward to the rides, you now look forward to the FOOD!
2014 Twin Falls County Fair Schedule
The Twin Falls County Fair is in full swing at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds. As always the fair has a great collection of entertainment for the young, and young at heart. We have your 2014 Twin Falls County Fair entertainment schedule.
Tips and Tricks For the Fair
The Twin Falls County Fair is an event that we all look forward to every year. There are endless things to see, do and eat. But, the fair can be scary if your child gets lost or and not fun if you waste your time and money. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your fun at The Twin Falls County …

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