Watch Tough Guy and Rock Star from The Monster Truck Show
In case you missed the Monster Truck show last night at the Twin Falls County Fair grounds, we took some video for you.
The show was filled with monster truck entertainment, RC car fun, a jet powered mini car and a dinosaur that ate a car for dinner...
The Big Idaho Potato Truck Will Help Local Charities
The Big Idaho Potato Truck is getting ready to visit cities across Idaho. The Big Potato truck is planning to start it's four month journey on April 15th! Throughout the truck's journey it will stop and identify charities, in many of the markets it visits, and offer help based on the organ…
Is a Truck a Good Vehicle For a Mom To Own?
I never thought I would want a truck because as a mother. I assumed that a truck would not offer the interior space for my kids and the cargo space I need for my numerous trips to the grocery store. I was wrong!

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