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Should Overweight Kids Get Candy On Halloween? [POLL]
Halloween serves three purposes for a kid: You get to stay up late, dress in a costume, and eat a ton of candy. It is such a simple holiday to kids, yet there are people who want to make it more than that. Should overweight kids get candy on Halloween?
Did You Get Trick-or-Treaters on Saturday?
A few years ago Halloween fell on a Sunday. That year everyone moved Halloween from Sunday to Saturday. Since that year I think people may be confused on when to actually celebrate Halloween. This  year a lot of Halloween parties and dances occurred over the weekend and some families took their…
Trick or Treating Tips to Keep Your Kids Happy This Halloween
Trick or Treating on Halloween can be a very stressful time for parents. We've all been there: It's been a long day already, you've endured school Halloween parties, and somehow managed to keep the kids in their costumes... Now comes Trick or Treating. Throw coats on, load 'em in the car, and find y…
How Old is Too Old to Trick Or Treat? [Audio]
Today we were talking about an age cut off for trick or treating.
Jackie thinks all ages are welcome to candy.  I think it should be saved for the kids.  Although, after today's calls, I might be rethinking my stance.  A few of you took me to task and asked if I'd rather have…
Trick or Treat on Bish’s Street 2012
The safest, most fun, and easiest way to take the kids trick or treating is at Trick or Treat on Bish's Street! Going on NOW from 3:30pm to 6pm at the K-Mart/Grocery Outlet parking lot with your little ghosts and goblins. Admission is free.
Tips For Happy Candy Lips Not Sad Emergency Room Trips
Halloween is suppose to be scary and spooky but taking your child to the emergency room for an accident that could have been easily avoided is not the scare any parent wishes for. From trips and falls to fatal accidents they all happen on this frightful night. Below are a few tips from Senior Instru…
Trick or Treat on Bish’s Street 2012
Take your kids trick or treating today at Trick or Treat on Bish's Street! Join us this afternoon from 3:30pm to 6pm at the K-Mart/Grocery Outlet parking lot for the safe, fun, and easy way to take your little ghosts and goblins Trick or Treating! Admission is free.

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