The Most Influential Toys of All Time
I don't know why but I find myself obsessed with lists like this. I think it's because I like to read them and go over all the stuff that I think's missing.  So why don't we?  Read this list of the most influential toys of all time, according to Time Magazine and let me…
Hasbro Introduces Easy-Bake Oven for Boys
Ever since it was introduced in 1963, the Easy-Bake Oven has been marketed exclusively to girls, leaving aspiring boy chefs out in the cold. But that's about to change thanks to a campaign led by a teen girl on behalf of her four-year-old brother, who loves to cook.
You Better Redneckednize
Imagine with me for a moment, that you stop by your home for a brief moment on a Monday afternoon, only to find your husband with two co-workers re-wiring your kid's battery operated car so that it will go faster. You can imagine my surprise!
Do You Want to Blow $16,000 on Toys? Just Have a Kid.
Remember when we were kids, how we used to be entertained by just an empty tin can, or a stick and a piece of string?  Waitaminute... That was my dad.  Now I simply lie to my kids about being entertained by those things so they'll stop begging me for video games.
Angry Birds Evolution
If you own an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) and have been anywhere near the Apple App Store in the past twelve months you’ve no doubt seen Angry Birds. It’s been sitting at the top of the charts for more months than I can remember and features truly fun and memorable game play. The story …