Do You Flush The Toilet With Your Hand Or With Your Foot [POLL]
OK - I am not a germiphobe. I am a guy though and I think that makes me gross/dirty by default. But when it comes to toilet germs I am over aware! I hate public bathrooms. I understand that for a business to keep their toilet rooms clean is tough...but even if you clean it every hour - it is still a…
Hi-Tech Toilet Costs $6,000
There's a new a high-tech toilet you can control with an app on your cell phone and it costs a measley $5,700. The problem is, if someone nearby has the same toilet, they can accidentally start sending commands to your toilet and even activate the bidet when you're not expecting it.
Have You Ever Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet? [Poll]
Our Production Manager Peter just dropped his phone in the toilet. After. Yeah... gross.
Last year my step-son, in his infinite wisdom, was playing a game on his iPod touch while using the restroom and he too deposited his expensive device into the drink.
Is this a common thing? Actually, yes it is.
Where Should We Send The Toilet?
We found this on our lawn this morning.
It's a piece of pretty smart viral marketing courtesy of the American Cancer Society.  Maybe you've seen one of these where you are today?  Basically, you pay a $5 fee and those responsible will come take it away...