time change

Why We Hate The Time Change
Even if we gain an hour, most of us hate the time change. If you are one of the few people that doesn't mind the time change I'm impressed. I think we all depend on our internal clock. When our clock is thrown off, our whole world can feel off schedule.
Has The Time Change Made You Late?
The time change usually messes me up but not enough to make me late for things...until today. I depend on my eternal clock more than I think and when my body is not sure what time it is it messes everything up. I know the time change isn't just messing me up...
Does Turning Back Your Clocks Make You Depressed?
A week from Sunday (November 4th) we turn the clocks back, so I am going to start complaining about it now. I HATE THE TIME CHANGE! And even though it makes us feel well-rested for about three days until our bodies adjust that doesn't compensate for the MONTHS OF DARKNESS AND DESPAIR.
Sign a Petition to STOP The Time Change in Idaho
Brad Weiser and I were complaining about the time change this morning. Weird! A listener called during our rant and pointed out that Hawaii and Arizona don't participate in the the time change. So why does Idaho?