Thief Trailer: The Bank Heist
Eidos unveiled a special new pre-order incentive for Thief, which will grant players an exclusive heist just for reserving the upcoming next-gen title.
World’s Worst Thief Steals Fake Sandwiches
Times are tough. People need money… and food. Sadly, this means that sometimes the ones who are desperate resort to thievery as the only way out. This guy is no exception. To bad for him, his crime is a story that is sure to brighten up your day. All he wanted was a sandwich…
Man Tries to Steal Shrimp by Stuffing Bag Down Pants
While grocery shopping last Thursday, Pennsylvania resident Brian McDaniel decided he wanted to chow down on some shrimp.
Instead of paying for them like your typical consumer, he allegedly shoved the bag down his pants and tried to saunter out of the store.
A Computer Nerd Gets Revenge On a Laptop Thief
18-year-old Mark Bao is a student and self-professed computer nerd at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Two months ago, someone stole his computer.  And last week, Mark realized he could have his revenge.
Mark remembered he'd set up his computer to back itself up online.  And he could re…
A Thief Manages To Steal $238,000 From An Airplane
This is actually kind of a GENIUS crime.  And gross.  Don't forget gross.  A man stole almost a quarter of a million dollars from a plane's cargo hold . . . by climbing through the toilet and sewage system.  Here's how it went down.
The thief was on an Air Antilles …