What Happened At Your Thanksgiving Dinner? [POLL]
Since Thanksgiving I have heard lots of different stories about Thanksgiving dinner going a little different than planned. I have heard everything from drunk relatives at the dinner table to cats getting on the table and helping themselves to dinner before anyone else.
What is Jackie Thankful For?
1. Loving People. Everyone out there, that is nice to one another. I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!
2. Family
3. My two beautiful sons
4. A husband that puts up with me
What Thanksgiving Means at the Morgan House
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just sort of comes and goes. I rarely do anything to get ready for it, nor do I spend much time celebrating it. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is about dinner and football. But at my house, things go a little differently.
Eight Facts About How People Celebrate Thanksgiving
According to a survey from PR Newswire by a jigsaw-puzzle company called Buffalo Games, almost as many people play BOARD GAMES on Thanksgiving as watch football.  Here are eight facts about how people celebrate Thanksgiving:
1.)  64% of people say they'll watch football on Thanksgiving…
7 Secrets Every Thanksgiving Dinner Host Should Know
The Next Web / r_gnuce / PlayfulLibrarian, Flickr
Tired of all the Thanksgiving hype, Thanksgiving decorations and extravagance? Or is this your first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you feel the need to go back to basics with the holiday or you want to learn all the facts, don't fee…

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