Most of Us Want Our Family Stay at a Hotel Over the Holidays
Are you mentally preparing for the family members who are going to invade your house next week?  Wouldn't it be great if they decided to stay in Burley?
A new survey by Priceline found that two-thirds of us wish our family would find somewhere else to stay over the holidays.
The 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies
I'll admit that Thanksgiving gets the shaft as a holiday. We already started the Christmas music on KOOL 96.5 and some have even started (or finished) shopping. On Thanksgiving Day we'll probably eat dinner and then watch football or play board games with the family (after a nap). But…
What Is The Best Side Dish at Thanksgiving?
My husband claims that it is not Thanksgiving unless green bean casserole is on the table. I on the other hand have to close my eyes when I make the stuff...OK, so it's not that bad, but lets just say I don't care for it.
Thanksgiving comes with a lot of great side dishes: mashed potatoes, …

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