Should Terry Cut His Hair? [Poll]
Three and a half years ago I started growing my hair on a bet. My wife wagered that I couldn't go a month without cutting it. She was right. I lost that bet. Double-or-nothing and now my hair is over ten inches in length.
So... Should I cut it?
Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle [Updated]
Last week I somehow managed to tear the muscles in my left leg as I was getting my son's bags out of the car. While leaning over the seat I felt--and heard--three distinct pops, and then wept like a small girl. I was told in the emergency room that I should follow up with an orthopedist in abou…
Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle
Last week I leaned over to pick up one of my son's toys off the floor and I felt something "pop" in my calf muscle that was immediately followed by the sensation of water running down my leg, and then searing, blinding pain.
Assuming that I had just pulled a muscle, I did my best to hobble …
St. Jude Radiothon Then & Now
Things get a little punchy in the studio during the second day of the annual St. Jude Radiothon. Maybe it's too many energy drinks, a few too many Mountain Dews, or maybe one more donut put us over the edge.