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Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle [Updated]
Last week I somehow managed to tear the muscles in my left leg as I was getting my son's bags out of the car. While leaning over the seat I felt--and heard--three distinct pops, and then wept like a small girl. I was told in the emergency room that I should follow up with an orthopedist in abou…
Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle
Last week I leaned over to pick up one of my son's toys off the floor and I felt something "pop" in my calf muscle that was immediately followed by the sensation of water running down my leg, and then searing, blinding pain.
Assuming that I had just pulled a muscle, I did my best to hobble …
Jack VS The Giant Boulder
How would you like to drop a giant Indiana Jones style boulder on your friends, or launch a rocket straight into their grill? With the app "Action Movie" by Bad Robot Interactive, you can!
It’s My Birthday
Today is my 34th birthday. It's not really one of those artificially significant numbers we place value on. I'm not 35, or 40, or even 50 and I'm well past all the birthdays that mean anything when you're young ( hello 21!). Let's Play "This Is Your Life...