Tis The Season For Fake Fires
Nowadays we are spoiled when it comes to our Yule Log. From our smartphones or tablets, we can project--or screen mirror--any Yule Log video of our choice, in high definition, and for 10 hours if we chose
Do Prisoners Have Too Many Privileges In Jail
We often hear stories about criminals doing stupid things or criminals doing horrible things. But the fact of it all is that they broke the law - that's why they are referred to as criminals. For that reason it really bugs me when I read about inmates complaining about not having cable TV or th…
Make Your Summer Better – Win Prizes
Summer is rolling along and the heat is on! For the first few weeks of Summer Break with the kids we would send them outside for hours each day to play - but now it is too hot to so we have to let them in to cool down.
Complete List Of Cancelled And Renewed TV Shows
'Tis the season to get renewed or get the axe! This is always such a tense time of year because I hate it when I get into a new show and then before they give it a real chance - they cancel it! And this year one of my favorite shows is getting the boot. Here's the complete list of cancelle…
What TV Show Can You Watch Over and Over?
I can watch original Star Trek reruns over and over.  It doesn't matter how many times I've seen them or how well I've memorized the dialogue or the ending.  If it's on, I'll stop and watch.
What show can you watch endlessly without getting sick of it...
Did You Have Better TV Taste Before Kids? [Poll]
As the world waited to watch the new season of the acclaimed television program "Game of Thrones," my kids and I were instead having an all-day "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" marathon. The show, featuring cartoon versions of Captain America, Iron Man, T…

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