Rural Idaho Schools are Hiring More Unlicensed Teachers
State Board of Education Vice President Debbie Critchfield says the number of certified teachers graduating from Idaho universities have remained steady, but it's "more of a distribution problem." With about 70 percent of Idaho schools consider rural, certified teachers are not choosi…
If You Are Unemployed In Idaho, Go To Hawaii
We are fortunate to live in a part of Idaho where there is job growth. But, just because there's job growth doesn't mean there's a job you would like or are qualified to do. If you're unemployed in Idaho, you might want to think about going to Hawaii. Seriously.
Does Your School Need School Supplies?
We all know that Google is AMAZING but, this tops the cake for me. Google has been providing school supplies for millions of students.
Teachers, from all over the country, have been requesting school supplies on donorschoose.org, andaccording to CNBC, Google has been fulfilling EVERY request!
Saying Thanks To Our Teachers
You don't have to look far to hear someone that is complaining about a teacher. While their complaints may be valid I hate hearing negative comments about our teachers. I think it takes a special kind of person to have the ability to teach and a special kind of person to deal with children&apos…
What Is The Best Teacher Gift? [POLL]
The school year is ending and I know a lot of parents are scrambling to get a gift for their child's teacher. Teacher gifts can be difficult because while you may know what your child's teacher has done for your child you have no idea what they are like personally.
Teacher Uses Angry Birds to Explain Projectile Motion to Students
With over 200 million downloads to mobile devices, Angry Birds is a full-fledged phenomenon. Now an Atlanta teacher has found a way to use it as an educational tool as well.
Since the birds are catapulted into the sky, John Burk, a ninth-grade physics teacher, felt it was a great way to teach student…
Twin Falls High School Lockdown [Audio]
Yesterday, I saw a multitude of posts following the walkout at Canyon Ridge and many during the Twin Falls High lockdown.  This morning we asked you what you thought.  Hit the jump for audio from this mornings show.
Local Parents, Teachers, Discuss Education Reform
Parents and teachers met last night at an informational meeting put together by the Idaho Education Association to discuss Idaho’s proposed education overhaul.  About 30 parents and teachers attending the meeting at the Filer elementary school...