Do You Have a Tattoo You Regret? [POLL]
The tattoo craze may have finally hit its peak.  Because suddenly, a lot of people are realizing the tribal pattern tattooed on their neck might hurt their career as a claims adjuster.
In the past year, tattoo removal procedures in the U.S. are up a massive 32%.
Women are More Likely to Have Tattoos Than Men?
Tattoos are fully mainstream now . . . according to the most recent study, 21% of Americans have at least one.  A new survey found more stats, all of which back up the idea that tattoos aren't for 300-pound bikers and rock gods anymore . . .
Women are more likely than men to have a tattoo.&…
Woman Tattoos 152 Friends’ Pictures on Body [VIDEO]
A Netherlands woman has taken her friendship -- and social media -- to a whole new level after she tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends onto her arm.
The tattoos cover her entire right arm, from armpit to wrist, and have since been dubbed by the woman as both her "MySpace wall" and …