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2017 Super Bowl Commercials
Some 2017 Super Bowl commercials have been posted on YouTube!  This solves I miss the game or the commercials problem that all of us run into on Super Bowl Sunday.
Now you can feel confidant about refilling your plate or using the restroom during the Febreze Super Bowl Ad, The Bud Light…
SIRCOMM Provides Communication Services during Super Bowl
JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) – If you watched this year’s Super Bowl, you may be interested to learn that a local agency was involved with the national event. The Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center (SIRCOMM) provided interoperability communication systems during the game.
How Much Would You Spend on Super Bowl Tickets? [POLL]
Most of us would agree that attending a Super Bowl game would be amazing! But how much money would you spend on that experience? Justin Kerrigan, a Bronco fan featured in the above youtube video, spent over $21,000.00 on the game and asked the local TV station to please not tell his wife.

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