How Much Do You Spend on the 4th of July?
Holiday's can be expensive! You may think the 4th of July is an inexpensive holiday because it's not celebrated with gifts. But the average family ends up spending $318.00 on the 4th of July and Americans as a whole spend $645million dollars on fireworks alone!
Are You Already Getting Ready For Christmas Parties?
Here's yet another sign we're letting Christmas completely take over November and proof that women put WAY more into things than men do. According to a new study from Daily Mail, the average woman has already started getting ready for Christmas party season.
The average woman puts in 49 hours over th…
You Spend Two Full Months a Year Watching TV
It's not exactly breaking news to say people watch a lot of TV.  And with new technology, we don't watch less TV . . . we watch the same amount of TV, and then we watch MORE TV on our computers and iPads.
Here’s How the Average American Spends the 24 Hours of Their Day
I think we all get to the end of our day wishing that their were just a few more hours left to get EVERYTHING done. It makes you wonder what exactly are we doing with the 24  hours we have in each day. Well, the U.S. Department of Labor just released the results of their annual study in the Wall Str…
There Are Things Your Credit Card Company Won’t Let You Buy
I use my credit card/debit card for just about everything and if the credit card companies REALLY want to fully replace cash in our lives, they should let us be as SKETCHY as we want with the stuff we buy.
According to the website CardRatings.com from Smart Money, both Visa and MasterCard ban their c…
How Did the Gulf Coast Spend the $754 Million From BP?
BP has paid more than $754 MILLION to state and city governments in the Gulf Coast region because of the oil spill.  The money came with almost no strings attached . . . just that it had to be loosely tied to recovering from the spill. 
And the governments that got the money REALLY took that whole &…