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92% of Us Freak Out When Our Battery Level Gets Low
When you look at your phone during the day and see the battery icon is down to 5%, do you start freaking out?  If not, congratulations, you're better than the rest of us.
A new survey found 92% of us get really stressed out and downright irritable when our cell phone's battery is low o…
Are Smartphones Making Us Less Responsible?
Last night I sent my husband to a store to pick up some things I had ordered and like the awesome person that I am I forgot to send him with the receipt. He called me from the store and asked if I had the receipt. Luckily, I had the receipt with me so I took a picture of it and sent it to him...
Five Extremely Useful Apps That Are Also Free
If you're still refusing to get a smart phone because you think you don't need it, check out this list from Reader's Digest of four extremely useful apps that are also free. Check out our top five favorites!
Would You Rather Give Up Showering, Shoes . . . Or Your iPhone?
We love our smart phones and we hate the idea of being without them. In fact there has been a rush of studies lately showing how crazy we are for our smartphones.  And yet . . . the numbers from this latest one still seem ridiculous.
According to a new survey by TeleNav the GPS company TeleNav, here…
You Glance at Your Smartphone 34 Times a Day for No Reason
I tend to look at my phone when I am nervous or bored but have you ever caught yourself pulling out your iPhone, or your Droid, or your BlackBerry and looking at the screen, even though it didn't vibrate or ring?
Yeah . . . everyone does it.
According  to CNN and a study in the journal "Personal…