The Best Way To Wake Up Your Kids
Waking up your kids can be as big of a chore as getting them to go to sleep on time. We have all experienced the child who refuses to get out of bed. While you may want to dump a small glass of water on them, there are better ways to get them to open their eyes.
Weird Sleeping Habits
Everyone has weird sleeping habits, right? I've heard snoring that sounds like a diesel engine. People talking like they are awake. Some people even walk in their sleep. According to, some people have even sent text messages while sleeping. To be exact, out of 300 students 25 to 35% o…
What Time Did You Go To Bed on New Years?
I was visiting with my parents today about New Years and I discovered that they stayed up four hours later than me. What? They are both like 23 years older than me, so I was shocked! To be honest I kind of felt like a loser.
Woman Constantly Falls Asleep While Laughing
Claire Scott's medical condition is a laughing matter.
The 24-year-old British woman suffers from a rare disorder called cataplexy, in which she falls asleep whenever she laughs. The rare condition has caused her to pass out as many as 50 times each day since she was a wee little lass.