What Would You Do if You Had an Extra Hour in the Day?
What would you do if you had an extra hour each day?  A recent survey asked that question, and each person was allowed to choose two things.  Here are the top 12 responses.  What would you pick?  And what the heck is wrong with the 3% who said they'd work more?
If Your Spouse Falls Asleep On The Couch Do You Wake Them?
Life is busy and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It isn't odd for my husband to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. I can't blame him, he works hard and after eating dinner and playing with the kids it can be hard to stay awake until 10:00.
Parenting Dilemma: Wake Them Up or Let Them Sleep?
Have you ever had to wake up your teenager in the mornings because they slept in? Dilemma.
I was talking to some other parents about it and they were giving me grief because I told them that I wake up my son in the mornings if he doesn't hear his alarm.
Should Teenagers Have Bedtimes [POLL]
School is in session, so a lot of parents are enforcing bedtimes which is great for parents because of the extra peace that comes with bedtimes. But if you have a teenager in the house do you let them decide when to go to bed or do you decide for them...
Do You Have Nightmares? [POLL]
I hate to complain, but I am so good at it why not. I haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights because I keep having the same nightmare and last night it turned into TWO nightmares.
Couples Argue in Bed 167 Times a Year
This is the kind of nighttime bliss you can only get when you're married.  According to a new poll from Daily Express, the average couple argues in bed 167 times a year . . . that's almost EVERY OTHER NIGHT.  Here are the top things we're arguing about . . .
1.)  Hogging…

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