Would You Get Botox In Your Armpits?

It's not just your imagination.  The people around you really do smell bad.  In a jarring new survey, 21% of men, or one in five, say they don't ever wear deodorant.  They don't even put on some body spray.  They just ride it out naturally.
The survey also found that 21% of men never use shampoo . . …
Woman Tattoos 152 Friends’ Pictures on Body [VIDEO]
A Netherlands woman has taken her friendship -- and social media -- to a whole new level after she tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends onto her arm.
The tattoos cover her entire right arm, from armpit to wrist, and have since been dubbed by the woman as both her "MySpace wall" and …
Seven Weird Signs You Might Be Stressed Out
According to the magazine "Prevention", you might be more stressed out than you think.  Here are seven random signs you're dealing with too much stress.
#1.)  Weekend Headaches.  According to the director of the Washington University Headache Center, a sudden DRO…