8% Of Americans Shower Once A Week
I was under the assumption that everyone showered once a day. Apparently, I was wrong. According to Yahoo, 8% of Americans shower once a week. Yup, once a week!
Five Things You’re Doing Wrong In The Shower
You've probably heard this, we're not supposed to wash our hair every day.  They say that your scalp overcompensates by producing too much oil, and your hair ends up looking oily. You're supposed to only wash it every other day . . . or even every three days.  Here are four …
Did I Shower Today? A Self-Check Guide.
Ever wondered about whether or not you, or a male in your life, showered?  This handy map will help them navigate the murky waters of cleanliness.  Just leave it on their desktop.  Hopefully they'll get the hint.
Do You Shower On The Weekends? [POLL]
As soon as you leave work today do you head straight for the couch and junk food?Or WOULD you do that if you weren't such a coward?
According to a new survey from , 33% of Americans say they're a, quote, "completely different person" on the weekends than t…
Some People Skip Showers In Order To “Be Green”
It's one thing to care about the environment . . . to recycle, to avoid littering, to keep your thermostat at a reasonable level, to avoid dumping your barrels full of toxic chemicals at playgrounds.  But you CAN take it too far.
Three Things You Won’t Believe You’re Doing Wrong
Here's something you might not know:  The straight-backed chair has been around for thousands of years, but it's one of the reasons 80% of Americans have back problems.
Basically, we're just not meant to sit at a 90-degree angle, and our bodies are more comfortable either kneeling, reclining, or sitt…