School Zone

What is Your Biggest Complaint About School Drop Off Zones?
We are nearing the end of the school season and things are starting to get a little relaxed not only at the schools but in the parking lot. I have heard numerous parents complain that people are being dangerous in the school drop off zone because they are running late.
Slow Down In Magic Valley School Zones
With most Magic Valley Schools kicking off their school season on Tuesday, September 4th, the Idaho Transportation Department is urging drivers to slow down and be more aware of pedestrians in all school zones.
Proposed School Zones at Canyon Ridge High School [Audio]
Cheney Drive between Canyon Ridge and Walmart is currently 35mph.  Twin Falls City Council is debating whether or not the speed zone adjacent to the school be reduced to 25mph, during school hours. 
Some of you, who have seen high-school students racing down Ch…