Road Conditions To Pomerelle Ski Resort
Recently, we took video of Howell Canyon Road, also known as Pomerelle road. Please note the video doesn't reflect actual speeds.
The road had been plowed and sanded making driving conditions OK. However, if I've learned anything about reporting driving conditions it's that everyone&ap…
Part of Cheney Drive Closed By Flooding
The City of Twin Falls has closed Cheney Drive from Washington Street North to North College Road due to flooding and excessive water covering the road.

Stormwater retention basins in the area are full, which is causing water to rise above the level of the roadway
Top Things We Fight About on Road Trips
While we may love our spouse and spending time with them it only takes one annoying song or one wrong turn to cause a fight that could last for hours.
According to Your Tango here are the top seven fights people have during road trips:
Driving with Mom and Dad
Yesterday I took a road trip with my parents. It was actually quit fun except for the fact that we are all controlling drivers. My mom loves to give directions, but only if the directions don't include any main roads, and my dad likes to make sure I still know what ten o'clock and two o&ap…
Jarbidge Road Dispute in Court this Week
RENO, Nev. (AP) — Environmentalists waging a longtime legal battle aimed at shutting down a national forest road that runs through the habitat of threatened fish in northeast Nevada say the laws of nature eventually will hand them a victory in the form of another flood that washes out the road…
Do You Have Road Rage [POLL]
Here's a theory on why ROAD RAGE is still common and no one is in any huge hurry to calm themselves down.  It's because almost ALL OF US are in denial.
According to a new survey from EIN News, 83% of people say they don't think of themselves as having road rage...
Road Trip Anyone?
Even though gas prices are outrages, people are still taking cross country road trips!  According to a new survey by Expedia and the  Los Angeles Times, 25% of men and 33% of women say they've, quote, "always wanted to" drive across the country and they plan on makin…
DriveMeCrazy Keeps Track of Bad (and Good) Drivers
iOS: DriveMeCrazy is like a "how is my driving" bumper sticker for anyone with an iOS device, letting you flag aggressive or bad drivers using voice recognition. It can rate and review any registered license plate to provide instant driving feedback.