How Rich Are The Rich In Idaho? Answer: Rich
Rich is a relative term. A rich person probably doesn't think they're rich. They just think they're a person. How rich are the rich in Idaho compared to the rest of the country? Big surprise. They're rich, but not as rich as other states.
Would You Rather Be Rich and Chubby . . . Or Poor and Skinny?
You know the saying, "You can never be too rich or too thin"?  Well . . . very, very few of us have a shot at both of those.
A new survey from PR Newswire asked women to choose:  If you could be rich but not thin, or poor but skinny, which one would you pick?
Take This Quiz To See If You’re Built To Have Money
Want to know if your genetics are setting you up to be RICH?  There's a new quiz by AOL that can help you figure it out.
We hear studies all the time about different factors that are linked to making money . . . height, hair color, marital status, smoking, and more...