Black Bear Diner Plans To Open In Twin Falls
New restaurants continue to open in Twin Falls. Last week, it was announced that Black Bear Diner will be opening in Twin Falls. The diner plans to open their new location on the corner of Pole Line Road and Harrison Street.
Black Bear Diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but it primarily kn…
13 Best Restaurant Patios In Twin Falls
As long as Mother Nature is giving us sunny days, we should take advantage of them! That doesn't mean we all need to go out and play in the park or go on a bike ride. Some of us are too lazy for that.
10 Themed Restaurants in Idaho
Themed restaurants can make your dining experience unique, memorable and interesting to say the least. Only In Your State put together a list of the top uniquely themed restaurants in Idaho. Downtown Twin's Guppies Hot Rod Grill made the list.
Restaurant Complaints In Twin Falls
Look, I hate to complain but it has been brought to my attention that there are small policies at some Twin Falls restaurants that are causing people to never eat there again!
More Businesses Opening in Twin Falls
We've told you about Cash & Carry and Noodles and Company opening soon in Twin Falls. According to Josh Palmer and KMVT there are several more businesses planning to open in Twin Falls this year.
Here are the Top 10 Things Twin Falls Needs
Twin Falls is great! We have amazing scenery, tons of recreational activities, and a lot of great food establishments. But not everybody is happy. There are arguably a good number of things that Twin Falls needs. Here are the top 10 listener suggested things that Twin Falls needs...

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