Would You Use This New Dating Site?
Dating in Twin Falls can be rough! There isn't a lot of places to meet other single people. Because of this, a lot of Twin Falls singles end up using dating websites.
Nine Things Men Own That Women Love to Throw Away
Guys, if we marched into our wive's closets and threw out all the stuff we didn't like, how do you think they'd react?  I bet most of us would be lucky to wake up the next day?  But apparently throwing out our clothes is something women do all the time...
Three Quarters of You Would Give Up a Job for a Relationship
Even in today's job market, single people would happily give up their fat salaries if it meant they had someone special to share their lives with.  In a new survey of single people, almost three quarters say they'd give up a high-paying job for a relationship.
Three Signs Your Relationship Has Potential
There's something called the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle.  All they do is study relationships.  It's like "Cosmo" . . . except it's run by scientists, not yentas, and they never say awful things like "10 Ways to Please and Tease Your Hubby."
Dr. John Gottman founded…
Random Love Advice for Valentines Day
According to research from Wayne State University in Michigan, couples stay happier if they . . . date other couples.   The study found that couples who hang out with lots of other couples tend to be happier.  You become less bored with each other, feel more like a team, and even…
Help Us Find the Best “Break Up” Song
Some information floating around suggests that most of you prefer to listen to sad music and cry following a break up.  What do you think is the best "cry your eyes out" break up song?   Miranda Lambert's "Gunpower and Lead?"... How 'bout …