Do You Have a Tattoo You Regret? [POLL]
The tattoo craze may have finally hit its peak.  Because suddenly, a lot of people are realizing the tribal pattern tattooed on their neck might hurt their career as a claims adjuster.
In the past year, tattoo removal procedures in the U.S. are up a massive 32%.
Five Most Common Regrets People Have on Their Deathbed
There's a nurse named Bronnie Ware who told Inspiration and Chai after working for years with people who'd left the hospital and gone home to die.  And in those last few weeks of their life, she found people drop all the pretense and start being totally honest.
She's heard tons of people on their dea…
What’s the Biggest Regret of Your Life?
According to a new study, almost half of women still have deep, deep regrets about the One Who Got Away.  The study also found that men regret the one that got away . . . but their "one" is a high-paying job.
The study was done at Northwestern University.  Researchers surv…