Is It Worth It To Get Chickens? [POLL]
Rather you live in city limits or in the country a lot of people are raising chickens so they have their own, home grown eggs. I love the idea of chickens and having a bountiful amount of fresh eggs but, I'm not sure I am the farming type. I was raised on a farm but, we raised crops...no animal…
Are Boys Easier To Raise Than Girls? [POLL]
As a parent, what's easier . . . raising BOYS or raising GIRLS?  And be honest, your daughter's not listening.
According to a new survey from Idaho Spokesman-Review, parents OVERWHELMINGLY say . . . BOYS are easier.  By about a three-to-one margin.
‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Gets Six-Figure Raise for Upcoming Season
Apparently, it really does pay to be on the 'Jersey Shore.'
According to an exclusive report from EW.com, the eight-member cast has finalized salary negotiations for the upcoming season, which will shoot in Italy.
Sources say members of the "core group" will make "at least $100,000 per-…