Magic Valley Prom Photos
Magic Valley Proms have occurred every weekend for the past several weeks. We gathered some great prom photos that were shared on social media. We hope everyone had an amazing time at their proms!
How Much Does it Cost to Go to Prom in Twin Falls?
I was looking at this post about how the average cost of prom in 2015 is going to be about $919, give or take. Since costs in Twin Falls, Idaho tend to be a little bit more affordable, I did some research to see if going to prom in Twin Falls area was anywhere near the national average of $919.
Student Makes Prom Dress Out of Math Homework
We’ve told you about prom dresses made out of strange things in the past, but 17-year-old Kara Koskowich gets extra points for using her recycled math homework to make her gown. It’s fashionable and good for the environment!