Is This How You Go To The Pool In Twin Falls?
As a parent, I know that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your kids happy. If your 4 year old has to have their gigantic whale floaty while they're at the pool, you get the gigantic whale floaty to the pool - even if that means strapping it the top of your car. Right?
City Pool Has Been Covered For the Winter
If school wasn't a sign that summer was over, this is. The Twin Falls City Pool, located on Locust Avenue in Twin Falls, has been covered by the "pool bubble" for the fall, winter and spring months.
Top 10 Worst Summer Fashion Mistakes
Summer is on the way and chances are you have already worn shorts and flip flops this year. You would think that getting ready for looking good in the sun would be easy. How can you go wrong? You just put on some sunscreen, a swim suit and sandals, and a light t-shirt - right? Wrong!
When Do You Feel Most Self-Conscious About Your Body?
Summer is on the way and for many of us it is a reminder that we still have some of our winter padding. For me, that is the hardest thing to get rid of and makes me self conscious when I go swimming and my belly hangs over the shorts a bit. When do you feel most self conscious about your body?

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