Regulations on Plastic Bags at the Grocery Store
Hailey is discussing banning plastic bags from local grocery stores to help save the environment. If this ban goes through you will need to either bring your own canvas bags or pay a small fee to use paper bags. If the stores choose to keep plastic bags they could be fined $50.00 a day.
Plastic Surgeon Crafts Pointed Ears for Spock Fans [VIDEO]
These days, you can get plastic surgery on just about anything.
Want a million-dollar caboose a la Kim Kardashian? Done. Don't like the shape of your chin? Not a problem. Want to channel Dr. Spock via elf-shaped ears? Err -- yeah, at least one surgeon in Tempe, AZ, has got the 'Star Trek&ap…
After Botched Plastic Surgery, Woman Can’t Close Her Eyes [VIDEO]
Marilyn Leisz is suing her plastic surgeon after an eyelid procedure left her unable to fully close her eyes.
The New Jersey woman now has to use a special gel and vaporizer to protect her eyes at night, and can't participate in outdoor activities she used to enjoy such as tennis or horseback riding …