Don’t be Fooled Twin Falls Pinteresters
A lot of us Twin Falls mommies and daddies use Pinterest on a daily basis. We have all found great things on Pinterest, and some not so great things. Some of us have even “nailed it” on Pinterest.
My Pinterest “Nailed It” Project
We all love Pinterest! Most of us re-pin things for a month, and then get brave enough to actually do one of the projects we re-pinned. I recently made my kids "Loom-azing" Valentines cards, they are more like "lame-azing".
If you are anything like me your pins never turn out like…
10 Weird Christmas Finds on Pinterest
With all the time we spend on Pinterest, it's no wonder we've come across so much quirky and awesome stuff. Half our holiday gift and decorating ideas come from the site alone! Want to check out Disney/Star Wars mash-up art or a cheeseburger dress? They've got you covered. Not surprisingly, the site…
I Don’t Get Pinterest [Poll]
As the Digital Managing Editor it's my job to understand and interpret trends in social media. Lately I've been spending time trying to understand the hot new social media site Pinterest, and I'll be totally honest: I just don't get it.