Exotic Pets
A lot of people have exotic pets which is fine by me as long as they don't live next to me. I have a rule that if it's not a dog or a cat we can't have it as a pet.
Can Your Dog Get You Sick? [POLL]
I never have put much thought into rather my dog gets sick or not, but this past weekend it was very apparent that my dog had the flu. I didn't think much of it until my son got the same the symptoms my dog had, and then...I got sick. Most times our family's sicknesses come from school, bu…
Kellie Pickler’s Husband Shuts the Door on More Pets
Kellie Pickler isn’t shy about how much she loves animals. And even though she already has four ‘kids’ at home — including three dogs and a python named Boots — that’s just not enough to keep Pickler’s animal obsession at bay. Unfortunately, the ’100 Proof’ hitmaker dished to People Pets recently th…
56% of Americans Drive with Their Dog in the Car

I think most pet owners want their pets with them as often as possible, which is why we try to take our animals with us everywhere we go. But, there's a good chance it'll negatively affect your driving.
There's a new survey in PR Newswire from Triple-A and a company called Kurgo that makes pet tra…

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