What Do Twin Falls Residences Desire More Of?
There are plenty of hard working people in Twin Falls! We are all working towards a goal, even if that goal is as simple as providing food to our families on a daily basis. But, what do we desire to have that would improve our lives.
What Motivates You? [POLL]
Getting motivated can be a difficult thing, especially if you are trying to make yourself mow the lawn on your only day off. Even the most motivated people I know have struggled with motivation and I constantly find myself trying to motivate my son to do his homework...
Who’s The Nicest Person You Know?
I was overwhelmed last night by how many truly, kind people there are in the Magic Valley. It was nice to see so many people go completely out of their way to show kindness towards others. Last night one particular person was so much kind it become infectious. I found myself being kinder to everyone…
People of Walmart – Music Video [Video]
You've probably spent more than a few minutes at work, snickering at the People of Walmart website.  Now, your favorite pow pics are set to music.  Hit the jump and watch the video.  Enjoy.